miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

6. A summer in San Francisco: Liberty and respect!

I speak a lot about the education, the schools and universities but in San Francisco, in my trips I've learned that the education isn't only there. The education is in the streets, with your neighbors, with your brothers. Yes, it's obvious but in my society, in the spanish society this idea the people don´t practice.

Here I've found the best important think for the education of my kids, for the education in general, liberty and respect.

San Francisco is a pretty city with a lot sights but for me the better of San Francisco is the people. The people is liberal have other ideas about the family, friends or sex. For me this is the better discovery in this place because when you don't have closed doors in your mind your essence can grow and, when your essence has grown you can discover your passion and your goals in your life.

But, the other face of this coin is "respect".

I know here families with one father and two mums and everybody respect this situation.

The companies in San Francisco or Silicon Valley have a special politic about the "minority groups" and maybe 20% of their employers need be of this groups. For my this is amazing, is the best for the education's pillars and when in spain we change ours ideas about black, arabic, indian or gay people and respect other ideas and other conditions Spain will be a new economic potential because everything is the same, everything are in the same circle.

Mark Zuckerberg with his gays employees in the SF gay parade

 If you have a respect politic you can find more chances with more people, easy really?? but we need learn of other cultures, we need travel, we need live the experience in first person when you are in other country. May be is hard this statement but here I've discovered a lot of stereotypes in my mind and now I understand that this fact close my mind and my chance (in my job, in my life, in everything)

Why San Francisco is the place where everybody want to live??
For the respect, for the chances and liberty that you have here.

The society, my country, maybe my catholic religion have a stupid idea about liberty and the idea is "if you have liberty you don't know use good this liberty" OMG! stupid! and now I think that this is the most important problem in my country because here I discovered that liberty's people happy and I'm sad because I think that we need change a lot for have this respect and liberty and therefore a lot of time for finish our crisis.

I think now that the crisis will finish in Spain when the spanish people will travel and we'll live in other countries because when return to spain understand a lot of thinks about our country.
I can't Write or speak more about this fact, because people need live in first person for to understand.
And I think that this is the first step for change, for the new and good education and for finish of the crisis in my country, in Spain.

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