martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

5.- A summer in San Francisco: Children's Creativity Museum

Hi Everybody,
I visited the incredible Children's Creativity Museum in SFO and I felt like a kid ^_^

It's a really nice museum and so cute!!
The colors and de design of the museum are lovely, but isn't only a "pretty things" no, it have a funny things for children.

It's very cheap (11$) and you should visit the museum If you visit SFO. Yes is for children but everybody have a children inside, like me ^_^

This are a few spaces about the museum and I think that the iRegular project is very interesting for this museum! I hope that the iRp will be here a lot of time! yeah

This is a little example that the great ideas in the museum!

Design studio is a space where the kids can design and experiment with computers and funny people 

The animation studio is the best! you can create your character with plasticine and make an stop motion video!! Amazing!

Play and record

Croma area for 'play' and record!

Artistic creations of kids

Build it!

Strange element for make that you imagine!

And for the end of the day, this pretty carousel

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