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4. A summer in San Francisco: Methodological experience in Venezuela's Schools

This post is about the work of a lot of students in Venezuela that now they're using the iRegular methodology thank to Gerardo Machado.

Our methodology will be in some schools in Venezuela this year and this this the video for this students. We hope that they have fun with this experience! (video available only in spanish)

The sound of this video isn't good  sorry for the inconvenience

Hi guys!

In the fist place, thanks a lot for your creative verbs! are really nice! It was a surprice for me because I didn't know anything about "the iRegular experiment" of Gerardo Machado :)

Gerardo's iniciative: Play as Kids 

I write this post in english because I need practice all the time in my adventure in San Francisco. I think that is very important read, listen, speak in english because the final objetive is think in english.

When I speak all the time in english with english people here, I dream a few words in english and now I'm in the moment where my head begin to forget a few words in spanish because I start my 'english thinking'

Great idea! 'i' is a pencil

"To sleep" nice drawing!

Well, this is only an anecdote about my experience for learn english and now I feel that is very important speak english in this life. So practice and practice and search people that speak english with you because, speak a lot is the most important.

Other idea, write, write and write, like Valeria :)

woww! the hand is like the change letter. Fantastic Valeria!

I think that if you lose your fear for don't speak or write correctly you can open your mind and it's an a liberating experience because you discover that have more vocabulary that you think. Maybe you have a lot of mistakes but... You are learning and it's normal! everybody when begin something have mistakes (like me in this post)

Well, these are some links about the iRegular project. I hope that you like this experience!


If you have iPad, Download the app, it's free!

Fanpage in Facebook

And thanks a lot for this amazing collage! I'm really happy with this experiencie :)

These boys have lived an experience iRegular ;) 

Have Fun!

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Sarah Gibrán dijo...

Maravilloso, felicidades también por aqui ;-) Que belleza de trabajos han presentado los chicos :-)