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3. A summer in San Francisco: Women's Intercultural Network

Yesterday I lived something very special.
Marilyn, Founder and President of the Women's Intercultural Network (WIN)  Invited me to a event and I lived an special moment with women from other cultures.

The event had a Conversation with Muslim Artist, Sophia Ahmed Sattar and I would like speak about everything but I could not understand a lot of things but despite the fact that this I felt something special: conexion.

I could not understand a lot of words but I could understand her feeling... maybe it's an stranger thing and you can't understand me but I had an "zen moment"

Sophia (left) speak about her life and her art with a painting behind theirs

I believe in the connexion of the people. We have a lot of things common, maybe you don´t know a word but you can understand a sensation that other person have. Maybe it's a crazy idea but if you connect with other person are easy understand.

For example, the first time when somebody tell me something I don´t understood but the second time I understand more, maybe it's for this fact, for connexion.

About Sophia is for Pakistan and her education was very very different that you can imagine in other countries like Spain.

Sophia is a wonderful woman that  she has worked very hard for change her destination and don't live in a country where the women suffer oppression and a special education.

I read something about education for women in Pakistan and everything that I've find in google I don't like anything because the women are inferior in the Pakistan society.

The name of this blog is "todaunadama" like a "completely lady" because for me it's important that the women show our potential and enjoy with our woman condition. I think that every women are special and this requires our presence in this masculine society.

Sophia is an artist that started her classes in her country but her dream was study at the academy of arts in San Francisco.
I think that her goal was very complicate because she had to overcome many obstacles (culture, religion, distance...) she  had to start a new live and Sophia get her goals.

Eid Celebrations,60inx50in,oil on canvas

Sophia's painting have colors calligraphy and other elements for create histories...

Sophia's painting "My paintings are my identity, religion and sensibility"

Shopia's Studio

I think that is an inspirational woman and I hope to inspired you as much as me.

Thanks Sophia for your energy, your talent because you are an important referent not only for Pakistanies women, si no for everybody because you are example of superation.

Sorry for my mistakes. I want improve my english more quicly but I can and I feel to lose a lot of oportunities for know special people like yesterday.

Marilyn thanks to your invitation, yesterday was a special day for me!

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Think a for share your experience " toda una dama" . All the best...i think you dont need to ear: " Live the day" you are already practice this..... Great