domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

2.- A summer in San Francisco: money, money, money

I would like write this post about my frustration here. Ok, I don't speak very well english and I don't know how sell our project but, Do I would like sell our project, our baby? I think that NO.

Everybody tell me horribles things because I don't think in "make money" but I have illusion and passion for this idea and If I think in "make money" I'll lose my innocence... Yes it's an opposed idea the most of the people have.
Sometimes I feel lonely and very stupid here because everybody tell me the opposed but I believe in me.

Yes, people here are "sharks" but maybe I'm different because I don´t think in make money every time, I think in new chances for my children, I think in the teachers, in the students, I think in change the world! yes, it's a really crazy idea but it's my idea and I love it! I love the people that work with me because they give me illusion and I believe in my team because my team work for love! Yes! I haven't money for this idea but, is it important if you have a team with 100 persons that work for love and for the same idea:  "change the world"??

Everybody tell me, but... How do you do? and I don't know, but I fell that I'm here in this world for make something important that help to people (no for "make money, money money"! )

Today I visited the Children's Creativity Museum and I saw sure the situation "the children are the future, the children are the best and we need work very hard today for our future, for the children right now"

Children's creativity museum: Kids make a stop motion

Yes, everybody think the same but I see that the goal of the people is the money!! NO, the goal are the children and if think every time in "make money" never we'll be better.

A few persons tell me. You have good luck and don't need think in "make money" but... I'm a normal person with a bike, a rent home and bills every month. I'm not multimillionaire of money but I'm multimillionaire of ideas and illusion for make a world better and that's it.

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