martes, 9 de julio de 2013

the iRegular project: Adobe Creative Days

Last june 7th was Adobe Creative Days in Barcelona. The iRegular project was invited and I presented a inspirational speak about the project.

I think that was an increible experience because new coautors were born after the presentation for the project! Now we're 100 profesionals around the world that work for this idea that change the educational world! ^-^

This is the 'Adobe Creative Days' presentation (is in spanish)

And this is the radio interview for the program "Territory Mac"

Thanks Adobe (special regards Ana Mesas and Ignacio Lirio) for this important oportunity that present this idea in important platform of Adobe and thanks Barcelona for to take care me very well!!

Sorry for the mistakes! I promise that I'll improve my english these months in San Francisco :)

Have Fun!

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